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a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives

Muse Manifesto: Muse Writing Community
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Muse Manifesto

muse: (noun) the source of an artist's inspiration
man·i·fes·to: (noun) a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives


Muse Manifesto is a muse writing community, where muses from all fandoms come together to speak their minds. Each week, a new topic will be posted for the muses to respond to; anything ranging from thoughts on love to topics about past experiences.

You are not restricted to canon. This is a place where you can feel free to expand on your character as much or as little as you please. Obviously, you want to keep some measure of canonical basis to your character -- but if you have an alternate universe established through RP, feel free to incorporate that into your prompt replies if you wish.

The prompts are mostly suggested by the members of the community to suggest a prompt, please go here.


1. Members are allowed one muse to start with. Applications for respective muses will be considered if current muse is kept up to date within the first month. Members are allowed a total of three muses.

2. Canon characters only are accepted. Original characters will not be accepted; this is a fandom muse community, not an original muse community.

3. Real Person Fiction (RPF) is allowed. So long as it keeps within respect of the person the writer is writing about.

4. Members must post at least once per calendar month, per muse in order to remain in this community. One warning will be issued via email to the mun in the case of inactivity, and if that warning is ignored the muse will be removed from the community. If the muse resumes activity, but then falls inactive again, the muse will be removed from the community.

5. Each response to the prompts must be a minimum of 150 words. No maximum. Posts that exceed 300 words are to be put under a cut. If a person has multiple muses, each prompt response must be posted separately. This rule also applies to those who "catch up" on prompts by posting several prompts at once; each response to a prompt must be posted as separate posts.

At the end of each response, please post a footnote, stating the name of your muse, the fandom he/she comes from and the word count of the response.

6. There will be no duplicate of any muses. This is to limit confusion. If, however, you would like a muse that has another incarnation (for example, an incarnation of The Doctor from Dr. Who) that you would like to play, but there is already an incarnation of said character on the community, feel free to email the moderators to discuss the possibility of allowing an exception.

7. All posts must b posted directly to the community. A duplicate is to be posted to your character's journal and archived in your character's memories. This is so the moderators can keep a track on your activity without too much hassle.

8. No roleplay is allowed on the community. However, feel free to roleplay on your character's journals. Roleplay does not count towards community activity.

9. All ratings and genres are allowed. However, you must label your posts with appropriate warnings.

10. Regardless as to whether you know of the person behind the muse, do not break the anonymity. Some people prefer to remain unassociated with their muses; please respect people's wishes.

11. Drama will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be causing drama for any reason will be banned without hesitation.

12. If your prompts include spoilers to recent episodes of a tv show/new release movies, you must include appropriate spoiler warnings.

13. Should you wish to remain in the community, but need to take a hiatus, please contact the moderators so as not to have your muse removed for inactivity. Hiatuses will be granted for one month. Should you require more time once the month is up, please inform the moderators. If you do not inform them and your character remains inactive, your character will be removed.

14. If you drop a muse you cannot apply to the community for that same muse for one month. If you have a muse removed for inactivity, you cannot apply for a new muse from any fandom for one month.

15. Applications based upon the works of the following authors will not be accepted out of respect to the authors: P.N. Elrod, Terry Goodkind, Robin Hobb (aka Megan Lindholm), Ursela K. LeGuin, Anne McCaffrey, Anne Rice, David Weber,Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

16. Anyone spamming the community or found to be spamming people's journals will be banned from the community.

How to

Follow these steps or your application will not be considered. Please check here to make sure the muse you are after is not taken.


1. Please fill out this application form:

a. Your name/Pseudonym you prefer to go by
b. Your personal LJ (if you have one)
c. Full name of the muse you're applying for
d. Your muse's fandom and the source of the fandom (eg., book, tv show, etc)
e. Your muse's LJ:
f. Other muses you have in Muse Manifesto (if any)
g. Sample writing piece: Write your muse's introduction, in the voice of your muse. It must be a minimum of 250 words. This introduction will be used to post in manifesto_stuff.

2. Once you have filled out the application, please create your journal. On your character journal's info page, you must include:
i. Your character's full name
ii. Your character's canon and source (eg., book, tv show)
iii. A disclaimer stating that the character is not yours, does not belong to you, you're doing this for fun, etc.
If this is not on your character's info page, your application will not be considered.

3. Send the application form to muse.manifesto@gmail.com. In the subject line you must include the phrase lemon curry. If this doesn't appear in the subject line, your application will not be considered. This is to hopefully show that you've at least read the rules before applying.

4. Join both muse_manifesto and manifesto_stuff and wait to be accepted.

If this format isn't followed, your application will be ignored. Please note: The moderators retain the right to reject any application at their discretion. Should this happen, you will be given a reason as to why your application was rejected.

Once you've been accepted, please post the introduction you wrote for the application over at manifesto_stuff before you start posting prompt responses to the community. manifesto_stuff can also be used for OOC posts, fangirling, anything miscellaneous that applies to muse_manifesto.